A Christmas and New Year’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

We pray that
this Christmas, our eyes would once again turn to the babe in the manager,
Christ the Lord. As we look at the events that surrounded that first Christmas,
we are reminded of the message the angels brought, that you were born the Savior
of the world. We say along with the angels, “Glory to God in the Highest and on
earth, peace and goodwill to men.”

Our prayer
here at prayAB, is that all our MLA’s during this Christmas season, would experience
your presence and peace and be refreshed as they spend time with family and

We at prayAB want to give notice that we will
not be posting prayers from December 24th until January 16th.
We continue however, to remember you in our thoughts and prayers throughout
this time and pray that you will have a Blessed New Year.