A Prayer for Seeing God’s Light

A Prayer for Leaders to See God's Light

Thank you, Heavenly Father, that you are both very personable and approachable and yet the Lord of the Universe, Creator of Heaven and Earth. This juxtaposition strikes both awe and gratitude in our minds and spirits. In a posture of reverence, today, we approach the throne of grace worshipfully as we contemplate the words of Job in his defence of You:
“He draws the horizon out over the ocean,
sets a boundary between light and darkness.
Thunder crashes and rumbles in the skies.
Listen! It’s God raising his voice!
By his power he stills sea storms,
by his wisdom he tames sea monsters.
With one breath he clears the sky,
with one finger he crushes the sea serpent.
And this is only the beginning,
a mere whisper of his rule.
Whatever would we do if he really raised his voice!” (Job 26:7-14, MSG)
Thus, Father God, with anticipation we listen, and with listening attentiveness we look around us to see your Light coming forth in these days to change and transform according to your will. With confidence in you, we place our cares for family, friends, neighbours, society sectors including government and the elected officials for whom we pray on a continual basis. Lord, have mercy. See us through to new beginnings where your church is alert to your light, and your light shines bright through the church community to the world. AMEN!