A Prayer for My MLA/MPP

A Prayer for My MLA/MPP


A note before you pray: similar to yesterday, today’s prayer brings things much closer to home than the general prayers for Canada’s leaders over these last several weeks. Today’s prayer is meant for you to pray specifically for your Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) or Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP). Where you see [Member’s Name] in the prayer below, you’re encouraged to pray specifically using the name of your own MLA/MPP. (If you don’t happen to readily know their name, you can easily find out by Googling “find my MLA” followed by your province’s name. Let’s pray together now…

Father in Heaven, I am thankful you hear my prayers and are able to do more than I can possibly imagine. I thank you, too, for your compassionate heart.  It is my privilege today to pray for my MLA/MPP. Thank you that [Member’s Name] is serving the people of my riding. I pray that he/she would serve with sincerity and skillfulness to address the needs of my riding’s constituents.

Today, bless [Member’s Name]. May he/she see the possibilities for what is needed in the months and years ahead. Thank you for seeing him/her through this complex and uncertain year. May [Member’s Name] seek you in their private time, asking for your help to be a good leader and honourable in their role.

Give [Member’s Name] many new opportunities to serve the needs of the people of my province/territory. May he/she be a good conduit of communication and networking so that the greatest needs of our province/territory are presented in a timely manner.  Bless [Member’s Name] with support to fulfil his/her individual and collective responsibilities. Thank you for your blessing today, Lord.  We are truly grateful. We pray all this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Also similar to yesterday, now that you’ve prayed for your MLA/MPP, why not take another simple (yet significant!) step of encouragement for them? We heard of many of you doing this with wonderful results. What an incredible encouragement and support it would be for them to receive at least one phone call or an email to hear that they’ve been prayed for!