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A Prayer for our Spiritual Care Providers 

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for your grace and guidance given to our Spiritual Care Providers over the previous year.  The many conversations held with elected officials have been significant in a climate of stress and controversy.  We are grateful for their service and flexibility to meet challenging needs.  We do ask for your wisdom and power to strengthen them anew so they are ready for the upcoming season of service.  May they find many opportunities to bring you glory as they bless, pray for, and address the emotional and spiritual needs presented to them.  Go before them into each legislature, setting up divine appointments according to your kingdom purposes.  In your name we pray, Amen.


Note:  Thank you to all of you for praying with us and for us this Summer.  We greatly appreciate your willingness to partner with us in this vital ministry.  We receive many positive responses from our elected leaders and their staff throughout the year as to the impact and influence which our prayers make in their lives.  We want to continue supporting and blessing our leaders in this way.  Starting September 6th, we will resume our regular posting featuring the politicians for each region.  Leading Influence has prayer networks for all the provinces from British Columbia to Quebec as well as a national network called PrayCanada.  We cannot do this without your involvement.  Thank you, thank you!  “May this day reveal God’s love for you…and as you walk in the blessings He gives may you know the fullness of His joy.”