ARISE Prayer Campaign: INTERCEDE – Isaiah 10:1

ARISE Prayer Campaign: INTERCEDE - Isaiah 10:1

Welcome to Thursday’s prayer in Week #3 of this ARISE prayer campaign for Saskatchewan’s upcoming election. This week, our theme is “Intercede.”

God has invited us to pray about the things that concern us. Today’s Scripture prayer prompt reminds us of how troubling it is when evil is involved in the lives of decision-makers.

Isaiah 10:1 tells us:

“Woe to those who enact evil statutes, and to those who constantly record unjust decisions.”

Let this be on your mind as you now go to prayer in your own words for those who will be our leaders as a result of our province’s upcoming election on October 26th.

After you’ve prayed, be sure to share with others so that they, too, will pray!

A.R.I.S.E.: Anticipate, Remember, INTERCEDE, Saskatchewan, Election