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Standing on Guard for our Nation


During this month, we will pause to consider what it means to “Stand on Guard” for Canada.  To aid us with this, a poem/hymn will be posted to invoke you to pray. Please share this post if you appreciate the content.  Thank you.





Bearing Fruit*

by Carolyn Crowell 

apples ripen on the tree
wheat matures from seed
harvests bear fruit in their season
the cycle of life goes on
born into humanity
nurtured in love
we grow
and bear fruit
parents and friends
nourish our growth
support us
and challenge us
they are there in joy
there are there in need
we are rooted in life-giving soil
give thanks for life
each precious day
a wondrous gift
to give and to receive
to love and to care
to laugh and go on
the gift is life itself.
*Taken on October 28th, 2022 from website: