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CANADA DAY 2014 (Demo)

Happy almost Canada Day! We live in an incredible country that is tremendously blessed in so many ways! We are blessed to live in Canada and to call ourselves Canadians!

Yesterday was Government Prayer Sunday in Canada. I had the privilege of speaking at Church of Our Lord in Victoria. I spoke on ‘Why We Should Pray For Government’.

You can see the actual sermon at:

I’ve also provided some notes if you’d just like to get a sense of what I talked about.

Why Should We Pray for those in Government?

‘That we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness…’ 1 Tim 2:1,2

What Should We Pray for those in Government? (Ps 72)

Top 10 Things We Should Pray for Government

1) God would give them His love for justice v. 1

2) Commitment to Righteousness v. 1b

3) That they would have Compassion for the Poor v.2

4) Fear of God would be present in their: v. 5

a. Lives

b. Deliberations

c. Leadership

5) Their leadership would be a blessing (refreshing) to our cities, province and nation v. 6

6) Godly would flourish v. 7a

7) Our land would know abundant prosperity v. 7b

8) Our leaders would receive favor and honor from friends and adversaries alike. v. 9, 10

9) They will help the oppressed. v. 12

10) They will rescue the weak and needy v. 13

How Should We Pray?

1) Fervently! – the prayer of a righteous man avails much! James 5:16

2) Without ceasing! – 1 Thes 5:17

What Happens When We Pray For Government?

1) God responds to our prayers!

a. Surprising things happen when we ask God to impact our leaders

b. Policy Changes, Direction Changes, Government Changes

2) God Changes our ATTITUDE!

3) God Touches Our Leaders

Tim Schindel

President, Leading Influence Ministries

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