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Day of Multi-Faith Prayer and Reflection

The Alberta Government has declared today a “Day of Multi-Faith Prayer and Reflection.” Let us raise a loud voice of encouragement and blessing in the name of Jesus on behalf of Alberta, its people and the land!
Please join us on our Facebook page PrayAB as we post encouragement throughout the day. We urge each one of you to: share our posts; write comments and pray for Albertans and their needs; indicate what you are thankful for today; bless our leaders; pray for the needs of those without adequate resources to meet basic needs; as well as share some good news to encourage one another.
This is the message from our government: “This day will acknowledge the importance of faith and faith-based communities for Albertans, especially in responding to the difficulties the COVID-19 pandemic has presented. In these challenging times, connection to faith and community has played an integral role in cultivating hope and building strong, connected communities. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been uplifting to see how faith-based organizations continue to play an essential role in maintaining social connection, supporting mental health, and building resiliency among their communities. This is vital work, and we are grateful to you for doing it.
On April 6, we encourage faith leaders and community members to share their own reflections and messages of hope on social media, using the hashtags #shareyourprayerAB and #shareyourreflectionAB. Sharing our reflections will provide a valuable opportunity for Albertans to leverage the teachings within these spiritual practices to promote compassionate reflection, acts of kindness, and intercultural understanding among us all as we continue to face the challenges of the pandemic together, honouring lives lost and inspiring hope going forward.”