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A prayer for Faithfulness

Father God, it is written in your word that your faithfulness endures forever (Psalms 119:90), and that it lasts through all generations! (Psalms 100:5) We stand in awe of your promise. Thank you that this truth is strong and established in Heaven forever. So we stand, full of faith, in our present circumstances, confident that you are at work even now, in our generation and in our nation. We believe that you are weaving your will and your plan for Canada in this unique time.

As we turn our face to you, we ask you, Holy Spirit, to fill us and fill our land with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2:14‬.) Father, would you fill every home and institution with a whole new awareness of your presence.

Even when there is rampant fear spreading through this pandemic, you are reminding us, as a nation, that your faithfulness is the foundation of our nation. So, we stand in that firm assurance that you are hearing our prayers.

Then we pray that faith would arise among the leaders of our government. We ask you, Holy Spirit, to reveal yourself to our elected members of parliament so that they would remember the firm truth and strength found in the faith of Christ.

We pray that you would release renewed strength for the frontline workers, effective strategies for our elected members, wisdom, and divine provision for this time, as we unite to declare your faithfulness over our Canada. In Jesus’ name we have prayed. Amen!