Grow Your Leadership Here!!

‘Always keep your heart twice the size of your brain.’
‘If you want to waste your day, spend it chasing notoriety.’
‘Procrastination doubles the price of everything.’
‘I would rather be in a room of leaders than be the only leader in the room.’
‘If the idea was accomplished by one person then it wasn’t a big enough idea.’

The Language of Influence and Personal Power – Scott Hagan (2018)

I met Scott Hagan long before he was writing books and the President of a University.  In the 30 years we’ve known each other, we’ve spent a relative handful of days together and most of our contact has been by email or social media, but he has been a leading influence in my life.  Scott is a proven leader, innovator and team builder.  I appreciate his wisdom, integrity, character and credibility.  His leadership instincts and insights have inspired and resourced me over and over again. Scott’s purposeful growth as a leader inspires me!  He is always stretching and strengthening his gifts and skillset.

At about the same time as we were looking for a speaker for our annual Prayer Breakfast, Scott released his latest book.  I sent him a quick note congratulating him and on a whim asked if he might be available to speak at our breakfast.  He responded with… ‘I always knew this day would come! I’d love to be there!’  I am over the top excited about having him and Karen with us!

The bad news is that the Prayer Breakfast is sold out and has been for a couple of weeks.  The good news is that we’ve added a Leadership Dinner next Monday (March 4) night to accommodate people who can’t get to the breakfast.  You’ll enjoy a great meal, meet interesting people, hear Scott and have a chance to purchase his book before you leave. (He might even sign it for you!)

We’ve got a limited number of spots left for dinner and ticket sales close on Wednesday!  I really want you to meet Scott and hear his heart.  You’ll be a better leader for it!  Hope to see you there!