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Hawaii Votes

Hawaii is having their state elections for Governor tomorrow.  It’s a pivotal election for the state as they will choose to address their current issues and build for the future.  There is no PrayHawaii (yet….) but I promised some people I met last week that I would put this out to my friends and networks asking them to pray that God would use this election to accomplish HIS purposes for the great state of Hawaii.  So… I’m asking you to remember Hawaii in your prayers over the next 24 hours.  If you are looking for some direction, use the following:

God in Heaven, I pray today for the great state of Hawaii as they choose a new Governor and government.  I pray that You would use this election to accomplish Your purposes for the people of Hawaii and that those elected will be people that will be responsive to Your work and leading in their lives.  Direct this election in a miraculous way!  Amen!