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Hon Brad Duguid, Scarborough Centre

Father we thank you for Brad Duguid’s leadership in our province. Thank you that he has been able to care for his local area and form a relationship with his constituents both in city council and now as MPP. Thank you for how he wants to help this next generation in looking at the needs and demands for those pursuing a post-secondary education. Thank you for the many roles you have provided for him to serve in and how he has poured his energy into them, with many notable accomplishments. May you bless him with wisdom and insight in the role he serves with the finances and economics of this province. Would you bless and lead his family, revealing your purposeful creation of them, leading them to encounter and know you and the mission to which you have called them to here on earth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Brad Duguid currently serves as Minister of Economic Development and Growth. Prior to this post, he served in a number of cabinet roles, including Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, Minister of Economic Development and Innovation, Minster of Energy and Infrastructure, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, and Minister of Labour. Brad Duguid lives in Scarborough with his wife, Crystal, and two sons, Kennedy and Jordan.

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