Hon Brian Mason, Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood

we bring before You in Your courtroom the Hon. Brian Mason and we ask that You
would place within his hands the strategies and wisdom that he needs to fulfil
his duty as the Minister of Transportation and Government House Leader. We ask
Father that You would bless the Hon. Brian Mason, his wife Karin, all of
Alberta and all Albertans in Jesus name, Amen.

Brian Mason currently serves as Minister of Transportation and as Government House Leader. He previously served as Minister of Infrastructure. He was first elected as the Member of the Legislative Assembly for Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood in a 2000 by-election, and is the longest serving Member of the 29th Legislature. Mr. Mason served as leader of the New Democrats from September 18, 2004, to October 18, 2014. Before his election to the Alberta Legislature, Mr. Mason served as city of Edmonton councillor for ward 3. He was first elected in October 1989 and won three subsequent civic elections. As a member of city council for 11 years Mr. Mason gained a reputation as a tough and effective voice for his constituents. Following his political science studies at the University of Alberta he became politically active, serving as the executive director of the Alberta Federation of Students from 1977 to 1979. Mr. Mason has lived in Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood for over 20 years with his wife, Karin.