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Hon. Bronwyn Eyre, Saskatoon Stonebridge-Dakota

The Psalms exhort us to wait quietly before God. That in him is our hope and our victory. Father in the same scripture you promise to protect us from those that would try to topple us from high positions by lying about us and deceiving us. Our prayer today for Minister Eyre is that you would establish hope in her heart founded on a quiet confidence that you are above all things. We ask, Father, that lies intended to harm her would be stopped in their tracks, that plans to minimize or misdirect her would fall flat and fail. Father, we ask that you would strengthen Minister Eyre for the current session of the Legislature, giving her the knowledge, wisdom and insight needed to serve the people of Saskatchewan well and to establish justice in meaningful ways. Amen


Bronwyn Eyre was elected MLA for Saskatoon Stonebridge-Dakota in the 2016 provincial election and again in 2020. A former radio broadcaster and columnist, Bronwyn also served as a Saskatoon public school board trustee. Previously, she was a senior writer/editor for UK-based legal publications Commercial Lawyer and European Lawyer. She attended McGill University and the University of Saskatchewan and speaks French, German, and Italian. Bronwyn has served Saskatchewan as Minister of Education, Minister of Advanced Education, Minister responsible for the Status of Women and Vice-Chair of Treasury Board. She currently serves as Minister of Justice and Attorney General.