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Hon Carole James, Victoria-Beacon Hill (Demo)

Lord, today we pray for our Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance, Carole James. After many years of extensive service in our legislature and as a leader of the opposition for several years, you have called Carole not only to continue to serve her riding of Victoria Beacon Hill, but also to provide significant leadership in our provincial government.

We give thanks, Lord, for her faithful and diligent service in various capacities over the past 13 years, and we pray that you would grant her insight and discernment as she considers the best way to serve not only the constituents of her riding, but also provides counsel, direction and advice as a leading voice within our provincial government.

Bless Carole with health, energy and wisdom in this coming year, and also bless her husband, Albert, and their children and grandchildren. We thank you, Father, for the tremendous gifts and talents you have given Carole; may she use all of this to benefit many people in this province.

In Jesus name, we pray for Carole. Amen.

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