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Hon Cathy Cox, River East

Father, We bring before you Hon Cathy Cox. We pray Holy Spirit that you will be
the center of her thinking and your hand of guidance would be upon her life. We
pray that you refresh her life and give her a deeper meaning of her role as she
serves the Province of Manitoba. Show her your heart for this Province and its
people. May you reign in the hearts and lives of Manitobans. Grant us peace we Pray.  Amen

Cathy Cox was elected as the MLA for River East in 2016 and appointed the Minister of Sustainable Development. Raised in north Winnipeg by a close-knit Ukrainian-Polish family, Cathy is a strong believer in giving back to her community and carries many values that guide all aspects of her life.  Her parents instilled in her a strong work ethic and taught her the important of honesty, integrity and compassion.  Today, Cathy and her husband, Herb, live in River East where they raised three sons and now have two grandchildren.