Hon. Claire Trevena, North Island

Father, I thank You for Claire. You have given her an intellect and inquiring mind that is almost second to none. Please bless Claire as she endeavours to bring order and clarity into many important areas on Vancouver Island. She is the Minister for Transportation and Infrastructure, a difficult portfolio. Please continue to give her wisdom and insight as she stands in opposition to anything that would impede the progress of our Island and Province. Please use her gifts as a communicator to bring her points to the fore. Change her mind in any areas of incorrect thinking. Bless and protect her and her family, in Jesus Name. Amen…..

Claire was first elected MLA for North Island in 2005 and was re-elected in 2009, 2013, and 2017. She is the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure. Claire served as the Official Opposition spokesperson for Transportation and Infrastructure, B.C. Ferries, and B.C. Transit. Claire is a former journalist, activist and international development worker. In the early 1990s, Claire came to Canada as the BBC’s Canada correspondent. Awarded the Canadian Civilian Peacekeeping Medal, she’s worked on democratic development projects overseas and in Canada. Prior to the 2005 election, Claire ran a small communications business on Quadra Island with her husband, Mike McIvor.