Hon Danielle Larivee, Lesser Slave Lake

thank you for Danielle Larivee.  As she serves as the MLA for lesser Slave
Lake, the Minister of Children’s services and the Deputy House Leader Lord
give her strength, wisdom, and discernment.  Lord she carries many
responsibilities and may she have the mental strength needed for all her
responsibilities, and wisdom and discernment to rule with the interests of all
people in this Province.  Also Lord as she is a mother of three
children, may you show her how to maintain a healthy balance between governance
of the people and governance of her home life so that her children
would honour her.  Use all her experiences as a nurse to have a heart
of compassion for all people.
Danielle Larivee was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as the Member for the constituency of Lesser Slave Lake on May 5, 2015. She was sworn in as Minister of Children’s Services on January 19, 2017. Prior to that she had served, since October 2015, as Minister of Municipal Affairs. On November 27, 2017, Ms. Larivee was named Deputy Government House Leader. Ms. Larivee, together with her three children, resides in Slave Lake, a place that she has called home for over 35 years