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Hon Donna Harpauer, Humbolt-Watrous

Thank you for the Honourable Donna
Harpauer. Thank you for her dedication and excellence throughout her political
career. God, we ask today that you uphold her in your wisdom and love. May she
sense a divine call in the tasks that she does. May you guide her to do the
most good for the most people while balancing that with the great needs of the
few. She does not have an easy job and we ask you to give her amazing resilience.

First elected to the legislature in 1999, Donna was re-elected in the 2003, 2007, 2011, and 2016 provincial elections.  Raised on a small farm near Guernsey, Donna completed high school at Lanigan Central High and went on to receive a Medical Laboratory Technologist certificate at Kelsey Institute in Saskatoon. After interning at the Royal University Hospital and working full-time in the Microbiology, Donna got married and began farming in the LeRoy area where she raised three daughters.  Donna currently serves as the Minister of Finance.