Hon. Jason Copping, Calgary-Varsity

Father in heaven, today as we pray we thank you for the Honourable Jason Copping. In these challenging times, we ask that you would release to Minister Copping not only insight to see, but divine wisdom and strategies in the areas of Labour and Immigration to move our Province into new levels of health and prosperity. Surround him with others that are like minded and have a heart to be united moving forward. We speak your blessing and protection upon Minister Copping, his wife, their marriage and their daughters in Jesus name. Amen…..

Jason lives in Calgary-Varsity with his wife and three daughters where he works in the constituency as a management consultant and a labour mediator and arbitrator. Jason teaches Business Negotiations, Human Resource Management, Labour Relations and Labour & Employment Law. He also worked for nearly twenty years in the transportation industry at Canadian Pacific Railway in Human Resources & Labour Relations, Marketing & Sales and Corporate Affairs, including Government Relations. Jason is also a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta. Jason has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Relations from Queen’s University and a Master’s Degree in Law (Labour & Employment) from Osgoode Hall, York University.