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Hon. Jeff Yurek, Elgin-Middlesex-London

Mighty Father we bless Honourable Jeff Yurek, for Elgin-Middlesex-London. Let him be impacted by the truth of Your word as he serves in the capacity of Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks. We thank You for surrounding him with men and women with no hidden agendas. Give him a heart to discern the good versus the bad in every situation. We pray that You bless him with a spirit of unity and peace in his office. We believe that You will grant him success as he embraces truth and we thank You that he is surrounded by Your grace and he drives the ‘highways and byways’ from one meeting to the next. Thank You for giving him insight and understanding to bring solutions that meet the needs of commuting Ontarians!

Jeff Yurek, is a proud life-long resident of St. Thomas, Ontario. Having grown-up with the family business, Yurek Pharmacy Ltd., started by his father in 1963, Jeff graduated with a Pharmacy degree in 1995. Jeff also held a position as a teaching associate with the University of Toronto’s Structured Practical Experience Program for the School of Pharmacy. Jeff and Peter purchased the family business and together have continued to build the Yurek business. Jeff has been actively involved with a number of local charitable and not-for-profit organizations such as: The Knights of Columbus; Rotary Club; Alzheimer’s Society, and the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce.