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Hon Jennifer Whiteside, New Westminster

Father, thank you for Hon. Jennifer Whiteside, BC’s new Minister for Mental Health and Addictions. We ask you to bless her and her team as they support those who are vulnerable in British Columbia. We ask you to bless her and all those who work so tirelessly on our behalf. In Jesus’ name, Amen


Jennifer Whiteside was elected MLA for New Westminster in 2020 and was appointed the Minister of Education. She now serves as the Minister for Mental Health and Addictions Previously she was the chief spokesperson and lead negotiator for the Hospital Employees’ Union, she has fought for better public healthcare and the rights of healthcare workers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she worked tirelessly to protect seniors and workers in nursing homes across the province. While leading B.C.’s first campaign for a living wage, she fought to ensure that work lifts people out of poverty and allows them to support their families and fully participate in their communities. Jennifer has worked for community organizations and labour unions at the provincial and national level, and in those roles has championed a wide range of social justice issues from accessible post-secondary education and affordable public childcare, to Medicare and health equity. Jennifer was born and raised in New Westminster, holds a degree in History from Simon Fraser University.