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Hon Jeremy Harrison, Meadow Lake

you for young, capable and proven leaders that are able to lead with wisdom and
discretion.  As we pray for Jeremy today, we are reminded of the
tremendous sacrifices that he and his family make that allow him to serve in
this way.  We pray today that you would make their times together rich and
good and their times apart as easy as possible.  Bless their home, their
relationships and their lives today.  Amen
Jeremy was elected to Parliament on June 28, 2004, and at the age of 26 became one of the youngest Canadians ever to sit in the House of Commons. Jeremy was elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in November 2007. He is the youngest Canadian ever to have been elected to both the House of Commons and a provincial Legislative Assembly.  Jeremy and his wife Alaina have one son, MacGregor and one daughter, Finnley.