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Hon Jim Reiter, Rosetown-Elrose

Heavenly Father, You are so gracious, so loving and so understanding of our simple frame. We are but dust, yet You created us from dust into the image of Yourself. Father I would ask for Jim, that You would visit him in the quietness of his heart, when he lays his head down at night. That his thoughts would turn to relevance and significance. Father, he has chased and found positions of leadership in his chase for significance and relevance. Yet Father, true significance is not found in position but in relationship. Father, chase Jim and find him in his quiet moments. Reveal to him the importance of relationship – relationship with You. For it is You who gives relevance and significance to those who seek you and find you.  Father, help him to find You in those moments. 

Jim Reiter was first elected as the MLA for Rosetown-Elrose in the 2007 provincial election. He was re-elected in 2011 and 2016. Professionally, Jim has extensive experience in municipal governance. He was the long-time administrator for the Rural Municipalities of Marriott and Pleasant Valley. He has served as Director, Vice-President, and President of the Rural Municipal Administrators’ Association (RMAA), as well as Executive Director.

Among his educational accomplishments is a Senior Certificate in Local Government Administration from the University of Regina. He also served six years on the U of R Senate. Jim has served his community as a Justice of the Peace and marriage commissioner. In addition to his current role as Minister of Health, Jim has also served as Minister of Highways and Infrastructure, Minister of First Nations, Métis and Northern Affairs, and Minister of Government Relations.