Hon Joe Ceci, Calgary-Fort

Thank you for Joe Ceci.  Give him favor as he serves as Alberta’s Finance
Minister, the President of the Treasury Board, and MLA for Calgary Fort.
 May you use everything from his past as he served in Calgary’s municipal
government and all the charities he has served.  Give him a good
relationship with his wife Christine.  Thank you for all the work he has
done for the interests of all Albertans in community service.  Help him
and the government make good budgets for the interests of all Albertan’s.
 Give him insight into the economy and understanding of the times and
seasons we live in.  Thank you for all he does and all he has done. 
Joe Ceci was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of Calgary-Fort, on May 5, 2015. He was appointed to serve as President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance on May 24, 2015. He and his wife, Christine, call Calgary home.