Hon. Joe Hargrave, Prince Albert Carlton

Father, You know Joe. Not because of the things he’s done or the accomplishment he’s enjoyed, but You know him by name because You created him and knew him before he became. Father each of us need You so desperately and yet so many of us don’t even realize it. Like Joe, we believe our accomplishments make us, and our accomplishment provide status, yet these are so fleeting. Father my prayer for Joe is that You the Creator of all (the Creator of Joe) would reach out to him now and in a time of need. For our heart yearns for more and even though we may never speak it, we yearn.  May Joe’s heart yearn for more, not more accomplishments but more true purpose; and may he find You Father. Amen….

Joe Hargrave was elected MLA for Prince Albert Carlton in the 2016 provincial election. He was raised near Porcupine Plain and has lived and worked in Prince Albert as owner/operator of Riverside Auto Group for the past 14 years. Joe was a manager with BMO for 20 years, as well as a corrections officer for 4 years. In addition to his professional life, Joe is involved in his community as a member of the Rotary Club, and the Board of Police Commissioners for Prince Albert. Joe and his wife Fran have four children and five grandchildren.