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Hon Judy Darcy, New Westminster (Demo)

Heavenly Father,  thank you for the wisdom, skill and ability to care for those who are in need of help. We know that you are close to the broken hearted and care for those in need.  We ask you to bless Judy Darcy as she makes crucial decisions for those struggling with addictions and mental health. Provide her with ways to prevent and intervene in times of crisis. Thank you for the hope, peace and joy that comes to those who care for others. We ask for your blessing in her work, particularly bless her heart for families that are struggling with addictions. Bless her own family and cause the desires of her heart to be fulfilled.………………………….

Judy Darcy was first elected MLA for New Westminster in 2013, and was re-elected in 2017. She was appointed British Columbia’s first and Canada’s only Minister of Mental Health and Addictions in July 2017. She is married to human rights and labour lawyer Gary Caroline and has an adult son.

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