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Hon Mark Docherty, Regina Coronation Park

God, we pray today for the Hon Mark Docherty. We ask you to be the
inspiring voice that quietly guides him in his role as Speaker. Help him to
help the legislators govern effectively. May he be a voice of reason and
thoughtfulness, keeping it functional and respectful despite disagreement.
Bless him with health and vitality throughout the busy season. Amen.
Mark is the MLA for the constituency of Regina Coronation Park, the area where he was born and spent his early life. First elected to the Saskatchewan legislature in 2011, he was re-elected in 2016. In 2016, Mark was appointed as Legislative Secretary to the Premier (Immigration and Culture) and is a member of the Standing Committee on Human Services. Prior to this, he served as Saskatchewan’s Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport, Minister responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission, and Legislative Secretary for Disability Issues.