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Hon. Mark Docherty, Regina Coronation Park

Father, Mark is a man of many accomplishments and has served well in the opportunities provided him. Father, what we personally accomplish and do in the service of others here in this life, if done on behalf of ourselves may live on in the memory of others.  Yet, what we accomplish and do in the service of You, Father echos throughout eternity. Father I ask of You that Mark would not rest in his accomplishments, but would look to something much deeper, much more fulfilling in the service of You the Almighty. Father may he be exposed to and challenged by the things of You. May he be inquisitive in what the greater purpose of life really is. May Mark seek You and find You, and may his final accomplishments be ones anchored in eternity. Amen……

Mark is the MLA for the constituency of Regina Coronation Park, the area where he was born and spent his early life. First elected to the Saskatchewan legislature in 2011, he was re-elected in 2016 and he was elected to serve as Speaker of the Legislative Assembly in 2018. Mark has worked in many human service roles, including director of Dales House, director of Immigration Settlement, supervisor for Health-Community Care Branch, team leader at the Paul Dojack Youth Centre, and clinical director for Leading Thunderbird Lodge. He has earned three degrees, including a Bachelor of Science (FNUC), a Bachelor of Human Justice (U of R) and a Masters of Social Work (U of R). He is a founding board member of Street Culture Kids Project Inc. and has served on the board of the North Central Community Association.