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Hon. Mike Ellis, Calgary-West

Thank You Father for Mike’s former experience as a police sergeant. May this experience aid him greatly in his role as Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services. But in addition to his experience in the natural, give him your wisdom and strategies in dreams and visions and divine encounters so he can help our province be a safe place – strategies that will line up with your plan for Alberta. I pray Father that you protect him from being drawn into a spirit of power and greed. May he continue to be a representative who is honest and hardworking and who will courageously support principles of freedom and godly values. We pray Father that You will walk with him and direct him as he stands for the freedoms we hold dear in Alberta. Bless Mike, his wife and their three children.

Mike Ellis was elected in 2014, re-elected in 2015 and again on April 16, 2019. On April 30, 2019, he was assigned to serve as Government Whip. He currently serves as Deputy Premier and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Services. Prior to his election, Mr. Ellis spent 12 years with the Calgary Police Service.  Mr. Ellis has studied in the bachelor of policing program at Charles Stuart University in Australia. He also holds a management certificate from Mount Royal College and leadership certification from the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Mr. Ellis is married to Hollie, and together they have three children.