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Hon. Nello Altomare, Transcona

Father, we thank you for the Honourable Nello Altomare. Thank you for placing him where he is and the years of experience he brings to his position as the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Learning. Give him fresh ideas so he can lead well, and give him a heart of compassion as serves. Bless him and his family abundantly we ask. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Nello Altomare was first elected as the MLA for Transcona in 2019. Born, raised and living in Transcona, he is the son of Italian immigrants who came to Canada seeking a better life. Altomare is a retired teacher and principal within the River East Transcona School Division. As the official opposition critic for education and early childhood learning, he advocated for high quality, accessible and better educational supports for students. As an MLA, Altomare passed legislation requiring the education minister to report on nutrition programs in schools. He and his wife are the parents of two children, and he and his family are volunteers with their church and in the local community.