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Hon. Ross Romano, Sault Ste. Marie

Jesus, thank you for Ross and for his diligence in service. We pray for divine wisdom in the area of  higher education policy and programs, as the next generation needs to stand on a solid foundation in order to build a great Ontario tomorrow. You see the end from the beginning Lord, and today many adults are returning to school for certifications and for training in meaningful careers. We pray in support of Ross, that the ministry work will have a lasting positive impact on their lives, and future gains for all of Ontario’s economic growth. Amen.

Ross Romano was elected to the Ontario Legislature on June 1, 2017, during the most recent provincial by-election. He previously served as a City Councillor for Ward 6. As MPP, Ross also serves as the Minister of Colleges and Universities. Born and raised on his family’s farm, Ross attended Algoma University before graduating from Windsor Law School. Prior to his political career, Ross was a lawyer specializing in civil and criminal litigation. He is a former Chair of the Sault Ste. Marie Downtown Association, Rotary Club, and coached in the Sault Youth Soccer Association.