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Hon Scott Fielding, Kirkfield Park

we thank You for the strength and grace that You have given to Hon Scott
Fielding. We give you thanks for
the people you have divinely placed in
his life who speak truth, love, and words of wisdom. Grant him discernment and common sense so he will be a
strong and effective leader for glory and kingdom. In Christ’s name, Amen
Scott Fielding was elected to his first term as MLA for Kirkfield Park on April 19, 2016 and was subsequently appointed to serve as Manitoba’s Minister of Familes.  He has served his community as a volunteer, a business owner and a City Councillor. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Scott graduated from the University of Manitoba with an Advanced Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Studies at the University of Manitoba. Scott and his wife Michelle have 3 children: daughters Paige and Brynn, and son Beck.