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Hon. Sonya Savage, Calgary-North West

Father, today we bring Sonya and the concerns she has as Minister of Alberta’s Energy sector to you. We ask that you would deliver to her solutions for the difficult problems she faces. May she be aware of your presence and the strength she has in you.  May you bless her with godly wisdom and a heart that desires to please you in every aspect of her life, whether personal or professional. Thank you for the leadership skills and experience in pipeline projects you have given her. We pray that her work will be effective and that she will be an instrument of good for all the people of Alberta. Amen.

Minister Savage was elected April 16, 2019, as the MLA for Calgary-North West. A life-long Albertan, Savage has a Master of Laws in Environment and Energy, she practiced law for 13 years before taking a job as an advocate for the oil and gas industry.  After working 9 years at Enbridge, she accepted a role as the Sr. Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs at the Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)  in 2015.  She has handled the pipeline industry’s large policy files, including regulatory reform, Indigenous reconciliation, legal, environment and climate change. Sonya Savage was appointed as Alberta’s Energy Minister on April 30, 2019.