Hon Stephanie McLean, Calgary-Varsity

We thank you Lord for placing Stephanie McLean in the
position as the Minister of Service Alberta and Status of Women. May she bring
wisdom from heaven as she fulfills her duty as Minister. Lord we ask that the
passions she has, such as health care, advanced education, women’s rights
and consumer protection be developed in her so they are brought to the surface,
but with the wisdom, knowledge, and strategies from heaven. May she have an
encounter with you in the throne room of Heaven, a face to face encounter with
you. Lord bless Stephanie McLean, her husband Shane and their baby Patrick. We
ask that all of Alberta and all Albertan’s will prosper in Jesus name, Amen.
Honourable Stephanie McLean was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as the Member for the constituency of Calgary-Varsity on May 5, 2015. She was appointed Minister of Service Alberta and Status of Women on February 2, 2016. She and her husband Shane, as well as their baby Patrick, are residents of Calgary-Varsity.