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Hon. Tanya Fir, Calgary-Peigan

Thank you, Lord, for Tanya’s heart to serve. Give her innovative ideas to help her as Minister of Arts and Culture. May she bring improvements to women in her role as Minister of Status of Women. May she always demonstrate the courage to do what is right, for you, Father, will give her the grace to do it right. I pray that out of your glorious riches, you will strengthen Tanya with power through your spirit in her inner being so that Christ will dwell in her heart through faith. We bless her, Father, with health, wisdom, and godly discernment in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Tanya Fir was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta on April 16, 2019, as the MLA for Calgary-Peigan. She also serves as the Minister of Arts, Culture and Status of Women. A first-generation Canadian born in Cranbrook, she moved to Calgary with her family in 1985. Fir has been active in her community, including volunteer service in support of Calgary Reads. Fir earned a Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Management of Organizations and Human Resources from the University of Calgary. She worked as a Human Resources Advisor in Alberta’s Oil and Gas industry for more than 19 years. Tanya served as Alberta’s Minister of Economic Development, Trade & Tourism from April 2019 until August 2020.