Honourable Brian Mason – MLA for Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood

Father, we are so grateful for Honourable Brian Mason, Minister of
Infrastructure and Minister of Transportation. We thank you for the skills and
strengths he brings to this role in government and to the people of Alberta.
Grant him favour with those he will be working with and may he be the visionary
you are calling him to be.  We pray that
you will give him discernment and wisdom as important decisions continue to be
made.  Give him safety in his travels and
renewed strength and health for each day. 
In the midst of a very busy schedule, grant him wisdom to set time aside
for his family.  In Jesus’ precious name
we pray.  Amen
Minister of Infrastructure

Minister of Transportation

Brian Mason was sworn in as the Minister of Infrastructure and as the
Minister of Transportation on May 24, 2015.

He was first elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly for
Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood in a 2000 by-election.

He was re-elected in the provincial general election of March 12, 2001,
and was subsequently appointed House Leader of the New Democrat caucus and
critic responsible for human resources, finance and agriculture.

On September 18, 2004, Mr. Mason became leader of the New Democrats, a position
he retired in 2014. Mr. Mason was elected to his third term as a Member of the
Legislative Assembly for Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood on November 22, 2004, his
fourth term on March 3, 2008, and his fifth term on April 23, 2012.

Mr. Mason previously served as a member of the Special Standing
Committee on Members’ Services, the Standing Committee on Alberta Heritage
Savings Trust Fund, the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship, the
Standing Committee on Public Accounts, the Standing Committee on Resources and
Environment, the Standing Committee on Government Services and the Standing
Committee on the Economy.

Before his election to the Alberta Legislature, Mr. Mason served as city
of Edmonton councillor for ward 3. He was first elected in October 1989 and won
three subsequent civic elections. As a member of city council for 11 years Mr.
Mason gained a reputation as a tough and effective voice for his constituents.
During this time Mr. Mason chaired the non-profit Housing Board and served on
the Taxi Commission, Library board and Northlands board.

Following his political science studies at the University of Alberta he
became politically active, serving as the executive director of the Alberta
Federation of Students from 1977 to 1979.

Mr. Mason has lived in Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood for over 20 years with
his wife, Karin, and their two sons, Peter and Alex.