Honourable Diana McQueen, Drayton Valley-Devon

Lord Jesus, we thank you for the Honourable Diana McQueen and her work here in
the government of Alberta. We pray that you’ll give her wisdom in her work and
clarity in her decisions. Lord, please bless her and her family and may they
have the time they need to be together. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development

Diana McQueen was elected to her second term as a Member of the
Legislative Assembly for Drayton Valley-Devon on April 23, 2012. On May 8,
2012, she was sworn in as Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource

Previously, Mrs. McQueen served as Minister of Environment and Water,
Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Energy and the Minister of
Environment and as a co-chair for Climate Change Central, a non-profit
organization that encourages Albertans to take action on climate change through
consumer rebate programs, demonstration projects and educational outreach. She
has also served as a member of the Standing Committee on Resources and the
Environment and the Standing Committee on Private Bills.

Mrs. McQueen’s varied experience prior to serving as a Member of the
Legislative Assembly of Alberta includes working for Amoco Canada, managing a
retail business and providing board development instruction with the provincial
board development program.

Mrs. McQueen is also active in her community and has served as a school
board chair and trustee, and as the mayor of Drayton Valley.

May 14, 2012