Honourable Diana McQueen – MLA for Drayton Valley-Devon

Dear God in Heaven, we lift up the Honourable
Diana McQueen, MLA for Drayton Valley – Devon and Minister of Energy. We pray concerning all the
significant work she does and for the energy and strength to do it. We ask that
you would surround her with people both in her legislative office and at home
in her constituency to support her and help her carryout the plans she has, to
make the communities of Alberta vibrant and prosperous. Amen

Minister of Energy

Diana McQueen was elected to her second term as a Member of the
Legislative Assembly for Drayton Valley-Devon on April 23, 2012. On December
13, 2013, Mrs. McQueen was sworn-in as Minister of Energy. She previously
served as Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD).

Mrs. McQueen’s work this term has focused on integrated resource
management. Under her leadership, ESRD has taken decisive action on a number of
issues important to Albertans in 2012, including:
  • Implementing
    Alberta’s first regional plan under the Land-use Framework, the Lower
    Athabasca Regional Plan;
  • Partnering
    with the federal government to begin implementation of a new comprehensive
    environmental monitoring program in the oil sands region;
  • Working
    to strengthen Alberta’s relationship with Asia to facilitate trade of
    forest products and share best practices and learnings; and,
  • Spearheading
    the creation of a single regulatory system for all oil and gas
    developments in Alberta.

Prior to her election, Mrs. McQueen served as Parliamentary Assistant to
the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Environment. Outside the
legislature, she is active in her community, and has served as a school board
chair and trustee, and as the mayor of Drayton Valley.