Honourable Kathleen Ganley – MLA for Calgary-Buffalo

Lord, we thank You that Hon. Kathleen
Ganley has been chosen to serve the people of Alberta. We pray that your hand
of blessing would be upon her as she steps into the significant role of
Minister of Justice and Solicitor General and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.
Give her wisdom as she leads, and show her where she can be of real value to
her constituents. May she be filled with compassion in her role and give her
strength and endurance to carry out her duties. Bless her family and give them
health and protection. In Jesus name, Amen

Ganley was born in Edmonton and grew up in Calgary. Kathleen currently works as
a labour and employment lawyer in Calgary. She primarily represents employees
and unions in dealing with a variety of work-related issues. She has earned a
Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts (first class honours) in
Philosophy, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Calgary. She was awarded
the Silver Medallion in philosophy in 2008.

is passionate about volunteerism, having volunteered continuously since she was
 Her volunteer work has
included children’s day camp counselling, swim coaching, community theatre, and
work in a patient care unit at the hospital. 
She also
provides pro-b
ono legal services.