Honourable Manmeet S. Bhullar, Calgary-Greenway

Father, we thank you for Hon. Manmeet Bhullar. We pray he would sense your love for him and goodness towards him as he serves as part of the cabinet. We pray for your wisdom and understanding as he makes decisions related to his position and daily administration. In Jesus Name, Amen

Minister of Service Alberta
Manmeet Bhullar was elected to his second term as MLA for Calgary-Greenway on April 23, 2012. On May 8, 2012 Mr. Bhullar was sworn in as Minister of Service Alberta. Previously, Mr. Bhullar also served as Political Minister-Calgary.
He has also served as Parliamentary Assistant for Advanced Education and Technology, and he was reappointed as Parliamentary Assistant for Municipal Affairs in January 2010.
Mr. Bhullar serves as representative for Calgary-Greenway, but his community involvement began long before he was elected to office. He created a youth development organization with the hope to empower young people and encourage participation in positive acts of community service rather than turning to harmful activities. His community service has earned him many awards including the Alberta Centennial Medal, the Centennial Medallion, and the Athabasca University Leadership Award.
Formerly, Mr. Bhullar served as a member of the following standing committees of the Legislative Assembly
  • Legislative Offices
  • Community Services
  • Members’ Services
Mr. Bhullar has also served as a member of the Select Special Chief Electoral Officer Search Committee. He was the representative for the Alberta government on the board for WorldSkills 2009.
Mr. Bhullar has also carried the following legislation during his time as MLA:
  • Bill 7,the Post-secondary Learning Amendment Act, 2008
  • Bill 30, the Alberta Evidence Amendment Act, 2008
  • Bill 4, the Post-secondary Learning Amendment Act, 2009 – allowing Mount Royal and MacEwan Colleges to become Universities.
  • Bill 6, the Emergency Management Amendment Act, 2010
  • Motion 508, a motion encouraging innovation in education (27th Legislature, 2nd Session)
June 6, 2012