Honourable Shannon Phillips – MLA for Lethbridge-West

in Heaven, we come to you on behalf of Hon. Ms. Shannon Phillips as she
represents the constituency of Lethbridge – West. We ask that she would be
keenly aware that that your hand is upon her life today as she serves in the
Legislature and on assigned committees. May she experience your direction and
leading as she seeks to meet the varied of needs of her constituents both for
them personally and in the business realm. Bless her with health and strength.

Minister of Environment and Parks

Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office

Shannon Phillips was elected to the Legislative Assembly of
Alberta, representing the constituency of Lethbridge-West, on May 5, 2015.

On May 24, 2015, Ms. Phillips was sworn in to cabinet as
Minister of Environment and Parks and as Minister Responsible for the Status of
Women. On February 2, 2016, Ms. Phillips was named the Minister Responsible for
the Climate Change Office.

Prior to serving with the Legislative Assembly, she worked with
the Alberta Federation of Labour as a policy analyst for five years.

She also spent five years as a member of the board of directors
for the Womanspace Resource Centre, a nonprofit organization that provides
resources, referrals and education to the community and to individual women.

In 1999 she received a bachelor of arts with honours in
political science and in 2002 she completed her master of arts, both at the
University of Alberta.

Together with her two sons Ms. Phillips resides in Lethbridge,