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Honourable Thomas Lukaszuk; Edmonton-Castle Downs

Almighty God,
we remember before you  Hon. Lukaszuk as
he serves his riding of Edmonton-Castle Downs. Grant him ongoing strength,
wisdom, knowledge and perseverance as he works together with the people of his
constituency. May you enable him to effectively listen to and address their
many concerns and needs. As well, Father God, bless him in his myriad
responsibilities as Deputy Premier and Minister of Enterprise and Advanced
Education. Provide him continued good health and well being to steward and
lead. Finally, bless he and his family with your grace and kindness as they
serve the Province of Alberta. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Deputy Premier

Minister of Enterprise and Advanced Education

Thomas Lukaszuk was elected to his fourth term as a Member of the
Legislative Assembly of Alberta for the constituency of Edmonton-Castle Downs
on April 23, 2012. On May 8, 2012, he was sworn in as Deputy Premier and on
February 4, 2013, he assumed additional responsibilities as Minister of
Enterprise and Advanced Education.

In addition to the above responsibilities, Mr. Lukaszuk serves as chair
of the government´s Operations and Policy Cabinet Committee and the Public
Sector Resources Committee. He is also the executive vice-chair of the Alberta
Economic Development Authority and Ministerial Liaison to the Canadian Forces.

Previously Mr. Lukaszuk served as Minister of Education, Political
Minister for Edmonton, Minister of Employment and Immigration and parliamentary
assistant for Municipal Affairs.

Over the course of his elected service Mr. Lukaszuk has served on a wide
range of legislative and government committees. The areas of work have ranged
from accountability, access to information and ethics in government to support
for low-income and disabled Albertans, tourism marketing and human rights.

In particular, he has been a member of:
  • Standing
    Committee on Law and Regulations
  • Standing
    Committee on Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing
  • Standing
    Committee on Private Bills
  • Standing
    Committee on Legislative Offices
  • Standing
    Committee on Community Services
  • Select
    Special Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Review
  • Select
    Special Chief Electoral Officer Search Committee
  • Select
    Special Health Information Act Review Committee
  • Select
    Special Ethics Commissioner Search Committee
  • Select
    Special Auditor General Search Committee
  • Special
    Standing Committee on Members´ Services
  • Standing
    Policy Committee on Health and Community Living
  • MLA
    Committee to Review Low-income Programs, chair
MLA Stakeholder Consultation
Committee on Key Design Features; Low-income Review Implementation, chair
  • MLA
    Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) Review Committee, chair
  • MLA
    Corrections Review Committee
  • Select
    Special Conflicts of Interest Act Review Committee
  • Provincial
    Offences Procedure Review Steering Committee, chair
  • Strategic
    Tourism Marketing Council
  • Alberta
    Foreign Offices Review Committee
  • Human
    Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Education Fund Advisory
    Committee, chair
  • Northlands
    Park Board
  • Task
    Force on the Teachers´ Unfunded Pension Liability
  • Edmonton
    Salutes Committee
  • Government
    of Alberta Liaison to Consular Corps
Born April 5, 1969, in Poland and raised in north Edmonton, Mr. Lukaszuk
graduated with a bachelor´s degree in education from the University of Alberta
and taught in Edmonton schools before starting Injured Workers Advocates Inc.
(IWA), a firm designed to assist injured workers with work-related injury
claims. Before becoming an MLA, he served on the Social Care Facilities Review
Committee, the Citizens´ Appeal Panel (chair), and the Alberta Lotteries Review
Committee. He conducted reviews of Alberta daycares, foster homes, group homes
and homeless shelters.

Mr. Lukaszuk has a history of involvement with community groups. He
coached soccer through the Edmonton Northwood Community League, has been a
Scout leader and is a strong supporter of ABC Head Start. He is a past
president of the Youth Friendship Society and a Knight of Columbus. He has been
decorated with the Order of St. John investiture, the Queen´s Diamond Jubilee
Medal and the Queen´s Golden Jubilee Medal for his community service and the
Alberta Centennial Medal for his contributions to the province.

In his free time Mr. Lukaszuk enjoys travelling, reading and spending
time with his young family.

February 25, 2013