A Prayer for Interconnectedness Among Leaders

A Prayer for Interconnectedness Among Leaders


God in heaven, we come to you today on behalf of the 195 countries in the world and their heads of government.  Proverbs 21:1 declares “the Kings heart is in the hand of the Lord.  With this in mind we pray today for every Prime Minister, President, Chancellor, General Secretary, King & Queen.

We declare the leaders of our nations are in great need of your wisdom and anointing today.  We pray each one will communicate clearly, truthfully, and calmly in the midst of this global pandemic — that their leadership will be blessed and the words they speak be received and heeded. May truth and empathy be the touchstones of their leadership as they put in place policies of protection and freedom for their citizens.

Lord God, we ask you to give us righteous world leaders who will protect and value the lives of their citizens, especially in those nations most vulnerable. In the distribution of food, medicine (vaccines) and medical supplies, we ask for justice and equity for all.  

Finally, we pray for the overturning of any confusion that may be arising in the places of power.  Halt the spread of misinformation and partisan politics aimed at dividing nations and harming people – may unity and cooperation reign in nations today.

Come and heal our lands, heal our bodies, encourage our hearts and give us peace – Amen.