June’s Final Prayer… and a Quick Announcement

Tim Schindel - President & National Director, Leading Influence
Tim Schindel – President & National Director, Leading Influence

For the past several months, we’ve shifted our prayer focus away from provincial politicians and have given ourselves to praying collectively for Canada. Through June, we’ve been praying specifically for various sectors of our economy. Our prayer coordinators, chaplains, and administrative team have worked together to map out a prayer strategy that reflects God’s heart for the nation and resonates with our prayer partners.

While this is a very trying season, it’s also been an incredible time of coming together in unity, purpose, and passion. Thanks for praying along with us! I’m fully expecting God to do something incredible in response as we move forward. Let’s keep our eyes on our Him as we look toward better days.

Tomorrow is Canada Day. We are going to celebrate by wearing red, eating something barbequed, and getting sunburned. We will close out the day watching ‘virtual fireworks’! We’re also going to take a short break on posting daily prayers. (Our team needs a rest!)

We’ll pick up daily prayers on July 6 and will be going back to praying for provincial leaders. Legislatures across the country will be in session through the summer to address the many challenges we will face as we go forward. They will need our prayer support at this time.

Finally, we saw a tremendous response to the thematic prayers we were doing on our PrayCanada platform. We intend to continue with that but need some time to build a team and map out a strategy. It’s not likely we’ll launch that network until early September. If you’d like to be a part of our writing team, please let us know by email at info@leadinginfluence.com or by direct message.

Let’s pray together!

Heavenly Father, we remind you of your promise today. You said that if your people would humble themselves and pray, turn from their wicked ways and seek your face, you would hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and heal our land. You have shaken us through these months, and we have done our best to turn to you and return to you.

O Lord, be merciful to our nation today. We have wandered far from your path and have trusted our own wisdom. Our willful disobedience has put us in a difficult place.

In Hosea’s words, we return to you, confident that you will heal us and bind up our wounds. Move upon our leaders, your church, and our beautiful nation.

We ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.