Michael Connolly – MLA for Calgary-Hawkwood

in heaven, we pray for MLA Michael Connolly that You would give him safety in
his travels and renewed strength for each and every day.  Lord, give him insight and creative solutions
for the issues that come his way. 
Multiply his time and guide him to connect with just the right people to
fulfill the goals he has for this day. 

Michael Connolly was elected as the Member of the Legislative
Assembly of Alberta for Calgary-Hawkwood on May 5, 2015.

Connolly currently serves as deputy chair of the Standing
Committee on Private Bills and is a member of the Standing Committee on
Alberta’s Economic Future and the Select Special Ethics and Accountability
Committee. Connolly previously served as a member of the Standing Committee on
Legislative Offices.

Connolly attended the University of Ottawa to study history and
political science in the French immersion program focusing on European
integration, Euro-
skepticism, and Scottish politics and nationalism. Connolly
gained valuable experience while completing an internship with an office of a
Member of Parliament. During this time Connolly helped to organize a forum for
young women leaders from all over Canada.

Connolly also worked in the retail and hospitality industries.