MLA Anam Kazim, Calgary-Glenmore

we bring MLA Ms Kazim to Your throne today. Thank you for her willingness to
serve the people in the Calgary-Glenmore riding to make Alberta a better place to live.
 Please protect her and watch over her as she travels and works today and
through this fall season.  Bless her with good health and strength we ask
in Your precious Name, Amen.

Anam Kazim was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of Calgary-Glenmore, on May 5, 2015.
She is a member of the Standing Committee on Private Bills, the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship and the Standing Committee on Privileges and Elections, Standing Orders and Printing. Previously she served as chair of the Standing Committee on Resource Stewardship.
Prior to serving with the Legislative Assembly, she spent two years as an applications engineer for an industrial pump manufacturer. Before that, she worked for two years as the director of training programs for an education and training centre that specialized in project management.
She also spent close to five years working with Western University, where she obtained her postsecondary education, first as a teaching assistant and later as a research assistant.
Ms. Kazim holds a master’s degree in biochemical/environmental engineering, a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and is certified in conflict resolution.
As well, she has donated her time to fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society and mentoring for Engineers Canada as part of its women in engineering program.
An avid traveler, Ms. Kazim has lived on four continents and has visited more than 16 countries. Through these experiences she has gained invaluable insight into the importance of diversity and multiculturalism.