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MLA Bowinn Ma, North Vancouver-Lonsdale (Demo)

We pause to pray today for Bowinn Ma as she serves as a new MLA for Vancouver-Lonsdale. You have blessed her, Heavenly Father, with training, education and experience in the fields of engineering and project management, including work at the Vancouver International airport and on various other projects. Allow her, Lord, to utilize her personal upbringing, experience and passion to serve effectively within our provincial legislature during the current term of office for the NDP party. May she be given the grace to serve with integrity not only the citizens of her local riding, but also contribute to the fair governance of our entire province, specifically on important projects like Translink.  Bless Bowinn as she adjusts to the new rhythm and routine of serving in political office, including frequent travel to Victoria from the mainland. Keep her safe, bless her, and equip her to be a blessing to those she has been called to serve.  Amen……..

Elected as the MLA for North Vancouver-Lonsdale in May 2017, Bowinn is also a licensed Professional Engineer and certified Project Management Professional. Bowinn lives in North Vancouver with her partner and two cats.


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