MLA Debbie Jabbour, Peace River

Dear Heavenly Father I pray for Debbie Jabbour. As MLA
for Peace River and Deputy Speaker and Chair of Committees there is no doubt
that Debbie has a position of influence and huge responsibilities.  I
first pray for peace in her life and I pray for peace over her family. 
Clearly Debbie is committed to both family and community; in many way both are
very similar.  As a woman of influence, I also believe her leadership to
woman and young girls in our Province is quite impacting and so very
important.  I also pray Debbie would continue to take the gifts you have
given her and seek your guidance as to how she can best council, guide and lead
those in her reach. I also feel compelled to pray that Debbie would take her
creativity and apply it to solutions in Government. I pray she reach out to you
and ask how best she may apply her creativity to have that overall positive
influence on so many that are just seeking to see evidence of just someone that
might truly care for them.

Debbie Jabbour was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, representing the constituency of Peace River, on May 5, 2015. She is the first woman to serve as Deputy Speaker and Chair of Committees. Ms. Jabbour enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. She is also interested in theatre, music, travel, reading and research.