MLA Deron Bilous, Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview

Dear Heavenly Father, today we pray for Mr. Deron Bilous (NDP), MLA for Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview. As this is his third term, we pray that he would trust in You and allow You to renew his strength (as in Isaiah 40:31). Help him in his endeavors for economic development. In Jesus’ name, Amen……….

Deron Bilous was first elected as MLA for Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview in 2012, and again in 2015. He was elected to his third term on April 16, 2019. During his second term he served at different times as Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Minister of Municipal Affairs and as Minister of Service Alberta. Born and raised in Edmonton, in a proud Ukrainian home, Deron graduated from the University of Alberta with an education degree in 2001. He taught and mentored students at Edmonton’s Inner City High School and began working in neighbourhood and community development. Between 1995 and 2005 Deron worked in Quebec, Tunisia and China on a number of projects with Canada World Youth, a volunteer youth program that focuses on international development.